I am a leader, creative, contemplative, and futurist by design.
I embark on defining the moment for the future without remorse for the consequences, but a dedicated passion to learn from experience with an ambition to perfect the present. Most importantly, however, we must use this life to learn the role we play in this world from every asset and aspect of our imagination.
My passion is held deep within the technological forces that propel our species forward at an ever-expanding (exponential) rate. Along my path I have become personally passionate in the fields of advertising, design, development, and personal interaction at the individual and behavioral economics standpoint. I calibrate accordingly the neurology and psychology of humanity to help inform my decisions. It is the human mind that is the single source of data consolidation useful for creating our shared reality in an approachable way.
I have done many things in my life and my experiences give me a wide array of understanding and empathy for those in our world. Crafted by a life of complexity, I have overcome a great deal of difficulties.  I validate myself as a human being with the power to overcome obstacles through a developmental phase resulting in strength to pursue the future with vengeance.
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