Bushel & Peck
Sound & Image
A work of art through the combination of sound & image. Caleb Kimball created all customized foley audio effects utilizing GarageBand & FCPX. In addition, he redrafted the timescale of the video to fit within the boundaries of the audio effects and musical narrator. The imagery was not personally created, as Caleb Kimball does not have the necessary resources to fly into the external expanse of the universe. Actually, no one does. This video is an artistic representation of our current understanding of the universe... in space... and time. So glad you watched it, my friend. Created for course: Sound & Image | UW-Whitewater | Professor: Jeff Herriot Credit Footage: American Museum of Natural History Music: Dream Theater | Regression This film is not authorized for monetary compensation use, but is intended for educational and entertainment uses only.
At iButtonLink I played multiple roles on a daily basis. A primary focus of mine was to increase Google Adwords traffic. I also had corporate communications with IBM Research while researching documentation for the IBM MMT software. I refined the engineering details of this vast product into the product pages that can be seen at iButtonLink.com. For those interested in some of the design work I accomplished at iButtonLink, below are a few examples of work done for the company and some partnership companies.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising
Whitewater Innovation Center
This is a digitally replicated realistic rendition of the entrance for the Whitewater University Innovation Center. I completed this as part of my work with iButtonLink.
Graphic Design, Advertising, Digital Photography
UWW Dining Services
Samples of artwork created for the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Dining Services
Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising
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